Ultimate Sports Entertainment, Inc.. is proud to introduce the Ultimate Sports Resort; with a project cost of more than $5 billion we are building 17 million sq ft. devoted to everything sports and we are building it in the entertainment capital of the world … Las Vegas, NV.

Our unique business model focuses on creating the total sports experience. We will provide our guests and visitors with a family friendly experience that presents so much “sports” to watch, play, buy, and enjoy that our guests and visitors could not possibly experience all the attractions in one day.

 The Ultimate Sports Resort has been featured on ESPN, CNN and   more than 300 newscasts nationwide.  The Ultimate Sports Resort has also been featured in 1,500 newspapers from the LA Times to the NY Times and everywhere in between; the public's response to our sports-driven resort has been overwhelmingly positive.




40 million people fly into the Las Vegas Valley every year, mostly to enjoy the world-renowned nightlife (8p.m. to 3 a.m.). Currently there is not much entertainment being offered in the Las Vegas Valley during the day (9a.m to 7p.m.).  The Ultimate Sports Resort will be a daytime destination for millions of visitors annually.

One of the main components of the Ultimate Sports Resort is a wide variety of sports activities for our guests and visitors to play! Our facility will offer: PRO football, baseball, basketball, boxing experience (s), a world-class gym, bodybuilding facilities, in-door batting cages, rock climbing walls, a climate-controlled driving range, bowling alleys, racquetball courts, F-16/Nascar and Golf from around the world simulators, in-door skydiving, bungee jumping, tennis courts, billiards and much more.

 If it is popular, fun, exciting, and sports-related, you can expect to find it at the Ultimate Sports Resort.

Our multi-purpose sports venues are designed to accommodate up to 1,500 professional and amateur events, annually. In addition; our all sports destination is not only capable of hosting district, regional, national and/or international competitions, but it is also capable of feeding, housing, and entertaining the competitors, as well as, their friends, family, and spectators – and all under one roof!


Our facility, as in any Las Vegas mega resort, will provide our guests and visitors a wide variety of music, dining, dancing, and a world-class arcade for the kids.

SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX                                                                                                                                                                                            
· Main Arena 26,000 seats
· Action Sports Arena 10,000 seats
· Swim & Dive Center 5,000 seats
· Three Multi-Purpose Sports Venues 3,000 seats each
· Climate-Controlled Driving Range 2,000 portable seats
· Shooting Range 2,000 portable seats
· Bowling Alley 2,000 portable seats
· Ice Rink 1,000 seats

· 100,000 sq. ft. of Traditional Casino
·   50,000 sq. ft of “Smoke-Free” Casino
·   3,500 Slot Machines
·   130 Gaming Tables
· High Stakes Gaming

Our hotel will feature 5,152 rooms, divided as follows:
· 3,956 Affordable Rooms (priced fixed at $89.00 per night or less)
·    980 Luxury Suites
·    216 Hospitality/Super Luxury Suites

The housing/condominium market in Las Vegas is at an all-time high. Developers from across the country have planned more than forty high-rise condominium complexes on or about the Las Vegas “Strip”. In every case, from the “affordable” to the “super luxury”, the units have pre-sold within weeks of being offered.

Ultimate Sports Entertainment, Inc. will capitalize on this extraordinary market by selling 500 condominiums that offer a luxurious living experience focused on sports, health, and athletics.

In addition to the standard amenities expected from a Las Vegas “Strip” condominium tower, our residents will enjoy an on-site spa, market, dry cleaners, and private club.

In addition, as part of their purchase, our residents will also enjoy a sports package that includes pre-paid, limited access to the sports activities and events in our main facility. The contents of each “sports package” will vary dependent upon the individual purchase.

We will offer multiple floor plans, and each condominium is priced to accommodate only the most discriminating clientele.


In addition to our in-house staff, our TEAM also includes the following extraordinary companies:

                  Insurance and Risk Management

                  BONHAM GROUP
                  Sports Marketing

                  CUMMING, LLC
                  Construction Management

                  Energy Company

                  DC SPORTS
                  Sponsorship Sales, Naming Rights

                  DESMAN ASSOCIATES
                  Garage Architects

                  DWORSKY NEVADA LTD.
                  Architectural design services

                  LEADER ENTERPRISES
                  Public Relations

                  NAVEGANTE GROUP
                  Casino/Resort Development: Start to Finish Development,
                  Project Planning, Policies and Procedures, Internal Controls,
                  Employee Training, Casino & Hotel Operations, Management,
                  and Casino Management

    www.pa-sports.netServices for public assembly facilities, including arenas,        convention centers, stadiums, and ice facilities.

      Lighting Design

    General Contracting, Construction Management, Preconstruction, Post construction Services

              Sports Marketing


Lead by our in-house architect, Mr. Andrew Simmons, The Ultimate Sports Resort enjoys over 24 months of master planning, project design, project budgets, area programs, site feasibility analysis, construction costs in ’08 dollars, construction schedules, phasing, draw down schedules, and organizational staffing charts for the ownership group.

Architecturally speaking, we are ready to break ground today, the “permitting” process with standing.


        “Sports” is the #1 entertainment genre in the world.

Most people do not realize that Americans spent over $200 billion on all things sports just last year, and that the business of sports is 7X greater in profitability than the movie industry and 2X greater than the automobile industry.

What we are building is not just another hotel/casino resort with a “sports theme”; The Ultimate Sports Resort is designed to become the greatest single sports and entertainment destination in the world, a globally recognized, one-of-a-kind all sports experience; and we are building it in a geographical location (Las Vegas) which provides our facility a ready made market of more than 40 million people with “live entertainment’ dollars in their pocket, and we are simply offering them the greatest representation of the most popular entertainment in the world.


 It was not enough for us to presume that we would be the beneficiary of a significant portion of the 40 million who visit Las Vegas every year; we needed to create a 21st century business model which would insure our success as a stand alone, self sustaining destination as though the Las Vegas Strip did not exist. What we did was add a few more sports venues and approach every amateur sports group in the country (with more than 5,000 members) who could possibly want to hold their quarterly, regional, national and world competitions in the Las Vegas Valley; the by-product of that effort was us receiving the “if we build it, they would love to come!” from more than 700 sports associations, federations and conferences who meet our minimum requirements.

 In addition, we went to Colorado Springs, CO and had a visit with the leadership of the United States Olympic Committee, and, 25 separate United States National Governing Sports Bodies, who also, to a man, have committed to drive as many events to The Ultimate Sports Resort as we are willing to accept. The collective influence of those referenced above represents more than 20 million registered athletes (not counting their friends, family and spectators) and 13,000 sanctioned events/competitions.

Our maximum capacity will be approximately 1,500 events; right here / right now we can claim and prove a better than 90%+ occupancy year-round, as much as, 12 months in advance.


 We have heard many times “why don’t you build this fabulous sports resort on the Strip?” The answers are many, however, I offer you the following bullet points for your consideration:

  • The project saves over ONE HALF BILLION DOLLARS in the difference in the cost of land and our project site is within 10 minutes of the Las Vegas Strip (without traffic).
  • Our project site is in the line of sight of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (NASCAR) and we like the proximity.
  • 22 of the top 25 resorts in the world stand side by side on a 4 mile stretch of dirt (the Las Vegas Strip), this is an extraordinarily competitive market, the established developers political influence is great and newcomers often face challenges.
  • The city of N. Las Vegas has embraced our project with open arms; we have already had passed in session a “Resolution of Support” signed by the Mayor and 100% of the City Council.
  • Due to the economic impact we represent in a region, which is hungry for economic growth, the State of Nevada is ready to induce a $4.5 billion economic development bond in support of the construction of our project.
  • When offering countless events which should expect more than 10,000 attendees for one specific event (not counting those already on the premises) we must provide our visitors with comfortable ingress and egress – and we all know how awful the traffic situation is anywhere on Las Vegas Blvd.

Our concept of building the greatest single sports and entertainment destination in the world has been in development for more than three years and has been given overwhelming encouragement from both the political and professional machine inside the Las Vegas Valley, as well as, the entire world of sports


  • We have developed a business model that is second to none.
  • We have committed to our project the greatest builders, designers, architects, management and sports marketing  people in the world who stand ready to execute the plan.
  • We have successfully brought together hundreds of sports associations, federations, conferences; sports product manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
  • We are assembling one of the greatest collections of sports memorabilia and collectibles in the country.
  • We enjoy the support of the United States Olympic Committee and 25 United States National Governing (sports)     Bodies.
  • We have a list of fortune 500 corporate sponsor/s laying in wait for us to build this magnificent all sports facility.
  • And, we can claim and prove profitability even in advance of breaking ground.

The pages to follow within this web site will give you a comprehensive understanding of each of the components contained in this project. However, after your review should you still have questions, please feel free contact us at our  Las Vegas office; we are at your disposal.

From all of us at Ultimate Sports Entertainment, Inc. we thank you for your kind consideration.

Matt A. Rose
President and Chief Executive Officer.




  © 2005 Ultimate Sports Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved